2018 Brighton Park
 Golf Club

Since 1962

2018 Event Schedule

WeekStartEndTournament Name
 13-Apr 7:00PMGeneral Meeting Brounshidle Post 3354 Delaware Ave 
118-Apr22-Apr Mystery Score
225-Apr29-Apr 12 Hole Elective
35-May George Hogan Scramble
49-May13-May Par 4 Tournament
516-May20-May Fred Gerlach Tournament Qualifier
6-a23-May28-May 1st Round Holiday Tournament   ( Tournament Score)
6-b23-May28-May Duffer's Paradise
730-May3-Jun Class Elite
86-Jun 10-Jun2 Man Alternate Hole Tournament
 Memorial Shamble
1020-Jun24-Jun 4 Man / 2 Man Best Ball
1127-Jun1-Jul Brighton International
12-a4-JUl8-Jul 2nd Round Holiday Tournament (Tournament Score)
12-b4-Jul8-Jul 2 Man Team
1314-Jul15-Jul Invitational (Member/Member- Member/Guest)
1418-Jul24-Jul President's Cup Qualifier (Tournament Score)
1528-Jul29-Jul Club Championship Qualifier  (Tournament Score Both Rounds)
16-a4-Aug Sat.Club Championship Final Round  (Tournament Score)
16-b1-Aug5-Aug Nassau
179-Aug13-Aug Sweeps 
1815-Aug 19-Aug Bagger's Tournament
1922-Aug  26-Aug  Stableford Points Tournament
20-a29-Aug3-Sep 3rd Round Holiday  (Tournament Score)
20-b29-Aug3-Sep Players Choice Tournament
21-a5-Sep9-Sep  Tournament of Champions
21-b5-Sep  9-Sep Consolation Sweeps
2215-Sep   Tri-Golf-A-Thon and Dinner at the NOCO Pavilion
2319-Sep  23-SepMystery Three
2429-Sep BPGC Nightmare